Through Movement, Touch and
Face-to-Face Interaction
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"Because touch, more than any other sense, has such ready access to young babies' brains, it offers perhaps the best possible opportunity, and one of the easiest, for molding their emotional and mental well-being."  
​ - Lise Eliot, Ph.D, Research Scientist and Author
Professional Training
"Thank you, Barbara, for Saturday's class.  I have already seen an improvement in Enzo.  I feel so fortunate that I stumbled upon this opportunity...THANK YOU!!!  I will keep you posted with our 'report card' from our pediatrician and Enzo's progress with his torticollis."  - Roxanne 

"The classes have really helped.  Each time we attended a class, Gustavo met his new goal.  Now, he is almost walking.  I really don't believe he would be in this place if it weren't for your classes.  I really mean that!"  - Susan

"I had to tell you that Carly has rolled over by herself three tmes today!  After your class I did the exercises you taught me with Carly several times.  This morning Carly and I were doing some play time on the floor.  I walked into the kitchen to fill my coffee cup and when I returned, Carly was on her stomach!  I could not believe it!  I was so excited.  She went on to roll over more times by herself.  I can tell she is so proud of herself."  - Brooke